Monday, April 23, 2007

end of school !!!!

SCHOOL IS OVER ! time for part time job and rent paying , OI ! but after seeing the grad openhouse i cant WAIT for 3rd year :D ! EXCITED IS ALL OVER ME

PLUS ! ee , dureing the schools demo reel i saw 5 THINGS THAT WERE MINE ! that was a total shock and surprise ! :D i got an animation in there ( you'll see it in the storyboard below whenshe flips back ) a centaur girl that will also be on this post - and my skeleton / character rotation as well as the gypsy commission i did that are on earlier posts - that blew my mind :0 - ahh i love all my teachers - they are all the greatist and..gently push me or kick me in the ass to do my best stuff lol.

anyway , here is some stuff i did for school - my fight storyboard with animation for my final cut into it ( im not posting the whole storyboard cuz..the beginning and the end i did like..a couple of nights before they were due..NOT A GOOD IDEA )

and the dialog scene from kinda just before the fight starts - i wish i had time to fix all the problems that there are - still , its the most complete dialog scene ive ever done !


drawing i did of my zombie girl oc - trying something a little more realistic i dont know if i pulled it off lol

2 doodles i did after going to the disney exhibit in montreal on the bus ride back

and some doodles i did in the caf - doodling away the time inbetween classes - the first one is a young version of a character i've had since grade 9 - 2nd is ..ariel , my friend wanted a porn star version which i declined lol

- thats all for now ! :D

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

doodle of my bunny character at lunctime

hope everyone had a lovely long weekend !


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

cancel that order

turns out that none of the 2nd years get art in the ' fine tooning ' book this year. i understand the costs are too high on account of all the colored pages for the 3rd years - but it really bums me out. its no ones fault really , but i was super excited to have my pages ( in the post below this one ) shown in it and hopefully shown to the studios , looks like thats not gonna happen.

bums me out so much i cant even draw a decent ' im bummed out ' picture , my inspiration is kinda sucked dry.

so i'll post some doodles and my ...not really nicely rotated character sheets ,but hay , gotta post somthing right ? ahh i wish i didnt leave these so late (*2daysbeforeitsdue*coughcough*) but ..EHHHHEH ^^;;

pic for a friend , she wanted me to make a character that would go with her , so these were some doodles i wipped up

a commission , i wish i hadnt drawn the face so flat , but i had fun with the flow :)

an emoish pic of one of my characters..SHES DEAD or somthing along those lines , although not usually emo , boo @ emo

all girls ? seems like it

i gotta go sing more ' 4 non blonde ' songs with my roomie to piss off other residents of the house - we're perfecting it for open mic nite..WOOT.

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