Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Final Flim : Character Designs / and doodles

WOW lack of updates , well for now i'll post my finalized character designs - later on when i fix up my leica i'll post that as well :)

from concept to final design , phife didnt stray far - i gave her more of a flame then a ' cream puff' type hair style lol , less weight ect - i also worked out some kinks in her face :) but her idea stayed pretty much the same

Mosiac was a bit more of a challenge , he went through so many changes from my concepts ( which were so different from eachother ) . Especally his hair , i wanted to make him so much more spikey but , me and my teacher were baffeled about how to rotate what i had in mind - so i simplified it and gave him a widows peak. I also made him as SNOTTY as I could , and i hope i pulled it off - his expressions are really fun to draw :)

i didnt upload his poses and expressions because..well , i did them at the last minute and theres some iffyness i wanna work out first :)

overall , im very happy with how they came out ! super fun to draw for the storyboards , and i cant wait to start animating them :) both pose different challenges . mosiac because hes very precise and thoughtful so his movements are slower - phife because shes always moveing and flickery , ( i cant wait to experiment with wipes!)

ahhhh elements - oh stop me from gushing about things i probably wont be able to pull off lol.



i was on a block and i asked my boyfriend what i should draw , he replys ' vertigo ' so this is what i came up with

this was just an experiment to see if i could ink and color all on photoshop - and i did ! ive never inked on a computer before , so it was kinda fun. Its more animeish , its fanart of Nia from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann..or however you spell it lol

And a bunch of sketches I threw together - yayy girls

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