Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Sketchies/School

Probably no updates for awhile - Busy with X-Men evolution runcycles and storyboards ( YES THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Sabertooth vs wolverine - lets get it ON !)

Argg I just ADORE The Constallation
characters. I couldn't help but draw Picey , ARGGG..FISHSTICKS?! I suggest you take a look at the blog if you haven't allready.

Picey is (c) Jessica Borutski and Chris Dainty :0

This was a design assignment - We had to draw charlie from All dogs go to heaven in a new pose. It dosnt look like don bluth charlie..more like ..watered down christmas special charlie. BUT...thumbnails and sketching was fun to do - heres the final product.


Friday, October 20, 2006


RUN , HIDE ! SCHOOL HAS STOLEN MY SOUL AND IT WILL STEAL YOURS TOO ! I have spent almost all the spare time I have doing hw and animation and I still feel like im behind. Hurray for no sleep this weekend :D

anyway , new LINKS ! I was eating on break today and went to see the algonquin newspaper and it had an artical about Chris Dainty , which was super cool to see a story on a grad from the program I was taking. And they gave a link to his and Jessica Borutski 's blog - saWEET. I recall seeing her ' i love pandas ' video last year ( but then again who hasnt seen it ? :0 if you haven't your lame...just.kiddin..but honestly..really ) Go see all the wicked work they're doing ! SUPER..super inspiring.

onto school assignments - charlie from all dogs go to heaven . i spent 2 1/2 hours on muscles then was told to spend several more hours on it. sooo..this is what it looks like 2 hours later. Several means 2 right ? Im afraid im going to rip the paper soon lol.

its sad that my scanner made it look like blah.

And some girls :) first one was done before school started , face is off but it was fun to do.

and some schoolkid doodles :0