Thursday, November 23, 2006

gun to head

student's log - 4:51am

design is killing me slowly - im afraid i wont be able to finish my rough/clean layout for 9

will post finished product so you can all see the subject of my demise.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Big Ears

Sketches while watching my friend play ff12. First my character as a veira ..then a moogle and that character as a moogle...then Fran ..whos like , the origonal veira..then HER as a moogle.

as you can see , i was going on a tangent.

and a quick sketch of a skullkid i did while waiting for people to show up at drama.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wild Things

Wolverine run cycle for school. All in all theres TONS of things I would like to change , the hair..which i slapped on last minute , fix the jacket and the movement on the hand and make the head rotate from side to side a bit ..oh and volume changes..EEK. so many things.

All in all tho, it turned out ok , considering animation isint my strong suit at school and i failed my walk cycles last year lol. Well , it leads to an animated gif. Its cycled 3 times then the GIF repeats so theres a lil pause there that i couldnt fix.

its really intimidateing to upload one of my animations..cuz I struggle with them and there are so many people in the industry around here ! EEK.

Drew this for a sick friend :) her character. Inspired by rodolphe guenoden , hes got great girly sketches and I loved the pose on one of em , i had to try it out ..but tweak it of course lol.