Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mascot - done

Well , i cant say i dont finish some of my sketches. Im actually satisfyed for once on how this turned out. hurray ! :D

Thursday, May 25, 2006

life is a runway

trade with Kinagaki of her character skittlz. whos a fashion designer :D

ANDD the finished version.

p.s - the quoteage is from prais hilton , haha , WHAT ?! ITS A GOOD QUOTE. dont look at me like that with your accusing eyes .

Monday, May 15, 2006


im kinda getting tired of drawing cute stuff. So ..ive taken up drawing more curvey chicks..

first one is for a mascot contest on a girls club on deviantart..more spasifically..a girls drawing girls club lol. I tried to make her sexy but soft , sassy but young ( not TOO young tho lol ) , and i tried to appeal to anthro and anime fans alike ( since they make up the majordy of the club ), but still have a realistic weight to her. Trying to cover all angles lol , and i hope i pulled it off. Still a WIP of course

this just somthing for myself. A dooodle that turned into somthing completely different , i wanted to make the back one (shes an eel , imma add lil electric zaps later ) a lil heavier , and .. YES i know her boobs are big. But i wanted to make her weight match her endowments a little , plus i added bigger nipples. All you see is these..cute lil pink nipples all over pictures , so , i wanted to go against the grade and against what i usually draw.

p.s , i know the girl with the curly hair in the first one and the 2nd one are similar..i think its because im not completely satisfyed with the first one lol

any suggetions would be greatly appreachated :D these are still WIPS not usedto drawing ..WOMEN , im used to drawing..cute lil..chibi..things..and..cute..yeah

imma shut up now :0

Friday, May 12, 2006


yes..yes i took it that far. This kinda spawned from a retarded doodle of ...prism hhead..and when from there into other thoughts.

sorry , its linked to a deviantart page , photobucket wont let me loadd up the ORIGONAL size of the damn comic lol.