Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fine Tooning

I could go through and post all of my character design sketches and life drawing that I've scanned for my FineTooning pages

but ..I'll be lazy and just post the pages themselves - SO ! if you happen to have one of our new 'fine tooning ' books from algonquin college and you see these pages? why ,THATS ME !

ahh..i cant believe they turned down the suggestion ' oodles of Doodles'. That would have been a wicked title.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Final Design

We did some character design in design class - i drew about..15 characters , and then combined the ones my teacher liked to make this one

after i scan the rest of the others i'll post them here too. im kinda stressed on account of school , my final is 10 seconds long BUT it was my fav scenes of my storyboard ( damn...damn i love storyboard )

ALSO some guys from collideascope studios in halifax came to our school - Verryyy cool guys - totally inspired me to go get flash 8.

hopefully i can do some flash animation over the summer - i was going to be doing some storyboards based on some Broadway music ( from Wicked actually ) but if it goes well i'll cut in some animation to the leica reel.

oh - and on another note. I finally saw 300 on the weekend ( I had to wait for it , it was my friends birthday )

now this is my new msn picture - ...damn those spartan doctors are hot huh?

damn i really gotta put that links list into alphabetical order eh ?