Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Final Design

We did some character design in design class - i drew about..15 characters , and then combined the ones my teacher liked to make this one

after i scan the rest of the others i'll post them here too. im kinda stressed on account of school , my final is 10 seconds long BUT it was my fav scenes of my storyboard ( damn...damn i love storyboard )

ALSO some guys from collideascope studios in halifax came to our school - Verryyy cool guys - totally inspired me to go get flash 8.

hopefully i can do some flash animation over the summer - i was going to be doing some storyboards based on some Broadway music ( from Wicked actually ) but ..now if it goes well i'll cut in some animation to the leica reel.

oh - and on another note. I finally saw 300 on the weekend ( I had to wait for it , it was my friends birthday )

now this is my new msn picture - ...damn those spartan doctors are hot huh?

damn i really gotta put that links list into alphabetical order eh ?



Blogger Gillian said...

hey Ron Doucet (from Collideascope) gave me this link, you have some fantastic stuff here!! I especially love your moogle drawlin's hehe

5:44 AM  
Blogger Megan Ferguson said...

haha thanks ! who can resist moogles in lil clothes ? lol

7:33 AM  

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