Friday, February 23, 2007


this project has caused 3 allnighters within the past week - im getting used to this insanity ! :D well , im DONE. it may not be great ,but its better then what i usually do (owch , what does that say about me lol ) so i guess i'll show you guys anyhow.

so - a pan bg..mayan tribal themed..turns out im not origonal afterall lol. I really only like the Right side of it - the left was...kinda when im getting to about 3 in the morning and im ready to die lol. i wish i could upload bigger but photobucked has its damn limits.

Bgs are my TOTAL kryptonite - it takes me so long to do them. But , i just hope this is a pass lol

but thats not all folks ! in this killer stayupallnightforever project we did a flying machine ,crashed flying machine , a crash site and animation keys ( which i did not get done..yay ) You will never see the crashed machine or crash in i did those very last and my linequality is worse then what im posting ( which is a clean rough rather then a rough clean lol )

next project is characters , which i am EXITED to do !


Blogger Meehan said...

Woot! That looks really good, megan!

Cant really see the pan >_< Mine'd probably look like that too if I scanned it in, I drew WAY too light, the photocopier ruined my cleanup.

Here's to sleep now.


4:34 AM  
Blogger CORKY said...

Your flying machine is freaktastically full of life and ADORABLE!!!!

I can't see the pan here but I saw it in class and it made me jealous cuz my pan is HOMOSEXUAL in massive amounts of ways and stuff. I need to scan my shit right now and hope to high hell that I dont get laughed at by too many art critics LAWLS!!!

Oh yah I hope I liek, pass and stuff too LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!1!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Lubomir said...

The bug machine looks bery cool, good stuff!

1:49 PM  

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